Growing Mushrooms To Eat – Setting Up The Kit

I love cooking food with mushrooms added to the dish and although I live in awe of people who go out into the countryside and find themselves edible mushrooms, I worry about identifying them incorrectly.

I usually buy my mushrooms from the shops but this year I am moving one step closer to nature and growing my own mushrooms. Although this sounds impressive, I am cheating as I have bought myself a ‘Growing Mushrooms’ kit from the local garden centre.

Mushroom Growing Kit

On Sunday I set up the box. This involved;

  • Opening the packet of mushroom compost and placing it evenly into the polystyrene tray.

Mushroom Compost

  • Putting the lid onto the box leaving an air pocket at the top, so that the compost has plenty of air but is kept in the dark.

Mushroom Growing Kit

Then I needed to check every two days that the compost was kept moist.

On Tuesday I opened up the box and watered the compost using a sprayer so that I didn’t soak the compost. I need to keep checking the moisture until day nine or ten.

I will let you know the next stage of the growing process when I have set it up.

I look forward to harvesting edible mushrooms in the near future, hopefully!