Homegrown Leeks

I have grown leeks in my vegetable garden following the advice of Top Veg and the results have been good. I am just harvesting the final leeks and I am wondering how I will prepare them.

Homegrown Leeks

Many of the leeks have been boiled or steamed and served with the traditional roast dinner.

On occasion I have made a rich cheese sauce to serve over the leeks. Cheesey leeks compliments roasted guinea fowl or pheasant very well.

Sometimes I have microwaved the leeks with a selection of vegetables and topped the dish with cooked tomatoes and cheese. A family favourite which goes well with any roast dinner, shepherd’s pie or sausage casserole.

I love to make soups and a great Winter warmer is leek and potato soup.

As these are the last leeks in my garden, I think I will steam them and serve them with butter drizzled over them, so that I can relish the flavour of my homegrown leeks.