Homegrown Radish

Homegrown radish is fabulous and this is written by someone who has never been a fan of radish, that is until I started growing radish last year and now I am hooked! I think it’s that good that I am going to grow radish in the gardening club I am running at my local school, because growing radish is an excellent way to get children interested in gardening as it germinates so quickly and produces a harvest of bright red vegetables before you know it.

I have been growing radish in my greenhouse following the expert advice from Top Veg.

Radish Seedlings

I read an article earlier today from My Tiny Plot that compared the scarlet glode and sparkler varieties of radish and gave the opinion that the scarlet globe had more taste. Since I have never been a fan of radish until I started growing it last year, I would be very interested in finding out which are the tastiest varieties of radish. This knowledge may just help get the children in my gardening club hooked on growing and eating radish! I would therefore welcome any feedback on your favourite varieties of radish to grow, so feel free to leave a comment.