March 2007 Photograph Caption Competition

Farming Friends ‘Foto’ Caption Competition – Winning Caption Announced

March Photograph Caption Competition ‘Hmmmmm, that don’t taste like grass!’

The winning caption was sent in by Chewy, a very apt name to accompany this photograph! So well done Chewy, who is now the proud owner of this photograph.

Farming Friends would also like to thank the following for their captions:

  • Sally – “Who needs a handkerchief?”
  • Pete – ” I was trying to make a tongue in cheek comment, but I missed and so it’s tongue in nostril!”
  • Stuart – “Who needs fingers when you have a tongue like this?!”
  • Georgina – “Better than hay, any day!”
  • Elizabeth – “Tasty, tasty, very, very tasty, it’s very tasty!”
  • Johno – “Fancy a kiss!”
  • Lisa – “I am licking my lips cos you look good enough to eat!”

Click on this link for details of this month’s Farming Friends ‘Foto’ Caption Competition.

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