Old Glass Bottles

Over the last few years my husband and I have been collecting old glass bottles, that have been found in our fields, when my husband has been ploughing or harvesting potatoes.

Here is our collection of old glass bottles.

An old Co-op glass bottle.

An Old Co-op Glass Bottle





A Littlewood’s of Featherstone glass bottle.

A Littlewood's of Featherstone Glass Bottle





A T Linsley & Co Ltd from Hull glass bottle.

A T Linsley & co Ltd From Hull Glass Bottle





A small pot bottle.

A Small Pot Bottle





A Walter Short of Goole glass bottle.

A Walter Short Of Goole Glass Bottle





An old glass bottle advertising Owbridge’s Lung Tonic.

A Old Glass Bottle Advertising Owbridge's Lung Tonic





A T G Straker Ltd of Beverley glass bottle.

 A T G Straker Ltd of Beverley Glass Bottle





A Straker bottle stopper.

A Straker Bottle Stopper





If anyone knows the history of any of the bottles we have found, then we would be glad to hear your comments.

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1 thought on “Old Glass Bottles”

  1. Hi, I have recently found a TG. Straker bottle with a plastic stopper, and I was wondering if you had found out any information about the one that you had found?


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