Pigeon Chick & ‘Hoofed’ It

This afternoon’s activities where disrupted by an almighty noise which came from the herd of cows in the fold yard. The bellows and snorts that could be heard, suggested that they were not happy. I thought that the guinea fowl had decided to foolishly venture into the fold yard to antagonise the cattle, as they like to do and had strayed too far.

Fearing the worst, as the noise was that bad, I dashed outside, not even bothering to change out of the lovely new slippers I’d just purchased. The sight that greeted me was a herd of wild cattle, madly circling the centre of the fold yard kicking their legs in the air as they went and bellowing at the floor. I couldn’t make out what they were looking at, but to my relief it wasn’t my beloved flock of hand reared guinea fowl. 

To get a closer look I bravely climbed up onto the top of the trough and peered in as far as I dared. It was then that I saw the reason for all the commotion. A pigeon chick had fallen from it’s nest and was sitting in the middle of the cattle yard. Alive but somewhat dazed, the pigeon chick sat amongst the straw waiting to be rescued.

The cattle were obviously incensed by this intrusion and continued to jump and frisk about. Big beefy legs kicked out from all directions making it difficult for me to enter the fold yard. Just as I was weighing up the odds of me successfully rescuing the chick versus being trampled to death by the crazed cattle, as I perched on the top of the trough, a cow lunged towards me. In my haste to get down from my viewing point, all sense of spatial awareness left me and the next thing I knew, I was lying flat on my back in a pile of silage. 

Fortunately for me I had fallen away from the cows and not towards them, so I am still here to tell the tale. Unfortunately the same can not be said for the pigeon chick, who suffered at the ‘feet’ of the cows, since the poor pigeon chick ’hoofed’ it when it was trampled on by the hooves of the crazed cattle.