Primula Auricula

I dedicate this article to my mum who loves the auricula and who planted mine in my garden for me over Easter after it had been nursed back to good plant health in my greenhouse.

A Yellow Primula Auricula

The primula auricula is a Spring flowering perennial.

It flowers from April-May.

The auricula has clusters of flowers that grow in a range of colours.

A Yellow Primula Auricula

This flower grows to a height of approximately 6 inches.

The leaves are a light green colour and have a fleshy texture.

The auricula grows well in light shade and likes moisture retentive soil.

The Clump Forming Primula Auricula

This plant forms clumps and can be divided in early Spring.

The auricula is well suited to being positioned at the front of a border.

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