Reasons For A Poor Hatch Rate Or No Hatching Eggs In An Incubator

There are many factors which can effect the hatchability of an egg and make the hatching process unsuccessful.

Reasons for a poor hatch rate or no hatching eggs in an incubator are listed below;

  • Old eggs.
  • Infertile Eggs.
  • Damaged eggs.
  • Thin shelled eggs.
  • Rough handling of eggs.
  • Dirty and soiled eggs.
  • Dirty incubator.
  • Poor flock health.
  • Poor nutrition in flock.
  • Disease in the flock.
  • Infection.
  • Eggs not turned or not turned¬†properly.
  • Incubation temperature too high.
  • Incubation temperature too low.
  • Humidity too high during incubation.
  • Humidity too low during incubation.
  • Electric failure of incubator.
  • Eggs stored for too long.
  • Eggs not stored properly.
  • Old hens or males.
  • Inbreeding.