Record Number Of Guinea Fowl Eggs Found

Hurray! Managed to find 7 guinea fowl eggs yesterday. That is a record for one day! I found one in the morning and then 6 turned up in the nest under the purple sprouting broccoli plant in the afternoon. I now have 17 eggs to incubate. Lets just hope they are fertile after all this!

Radish Seedlings

Spent the afternoon planting seeds and potting on plants that I have been growing in the greenhouse for the last few weeks. My mum and dad have been here to help me, so we’ve got lots done.

Pavers In The Greenhouse  Toad Found

Dad decided to lay pavers in the greenhouse which he finished in one afternoon and it looks fantastic. Whilst levelling the soil and moving the excess out of the greenhouse, we found a toad that had obviously been hibernating in the greenhouse over Winter. We made sure it was in a safe place away from the cat’s playful claws and the poultry’s pecking beaks!

Garden Storage

Dad also put up a garden storage unit in the veg garden which looks great. Even Hatty the hen thought so when she came along to inspect it!

                                   Hatty Inspecting Garden Storage  Hatty Checked Garden Storage

Mum helped with the seed sowing and then dug some of the border that separates the garden from the orchard. The digging is heavy going as there are lots of weeds growing where we want the border to be, but mum didn’t let the weeds get the better of her, she did a good job. 

Border Dug

We also cleaned out the poultry hut today, so the guinea fowl and Hatty have a lovely clean house to come back to at night.

Poultry Hut Cleaned Out

What an eventful, productive and very satisfying day.

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