Setting Up A Gardening Club At My Local School

Every year I get more enthusiastic about gardening, and particularly vegetable gardening. My grandad would be proud of me and my achievements here on the farm, as the garden is beginning to return to it’s former glory and the range of vegetables we harvest each year gets bigger!

Over the last few years my enthusiasm for gardening has grown and so has my desire to impart some of the joy of gardening onto the next generation. My nephew is nearly 3 and he loves to help dig up the soil in the veg garden and water the seed trays in the greenhouse.

Having launched the national grow your own potato competition at my local school, I thought that this year I could also have a go at running a gardening club at the school.

This week my Year 6 class have been helping me promote my gardening club by designing and writing posters to persuade the Year 3 children to join my club. I was so pleased with the work that they have put into the posters that I thought I would share some of the excellent alliteration and fantastic phrases penned by the Year 6 children.

Suggested Club Names With Alliteration!

  • The Great Gardening Group.
  • The Groovy Gardeners Group.
  • The Perfect Planting Pack.
  • The Greenfingers Gang.
  • The Gathering Gardening Club.
  • The Great Gardening Gang.
  • The Greenfingers Gardening Gang.
  • The Groovy Gardeners.
  • The Gorgeous Gardening Gang.
  • The Great Gardening Club.
  • The Groovy Gardening Gang.

It’s going to be hard to choose a name for the gardeners with such a selection of clever names.

Fantastic Persuasive Phrases

  • Turn your fingers into greenfingers!
  • Have you ever fancied having a go at gardening? Well now’s your chance!
  • A brand new planting experience.
  • Plant blossoming flowers and healthy veg!
  • Grow, harvest and eat!

The poster work has made me even more enthusiastic and I can’t wait to start the club next Tuesday.

I’ll keep you posted with regular updates from the gardening club and I may even share some of the fantastic poster illustrations of me, (the glamorous, gorgeous gardener!), drawn by my class.