Told Off By A Hen

 Hatty The Hen

It is true that a hen rules the roost and on this farm it’s Hatty the Hen who rules the roost, but not only that, she rules the farm yard as well.

Earlier today I was outside on a quick hunt for guinea eggs in an attempt to beat the wily magpies to them and managed to find one egg on a quick circuit of the field hedgerows.

On my travels back to the house, I decided to stop at the silage wrap mountain to see if Hatty the hen had laid. The sight that greeted me was Hatty standing in the entrance way looking up at her usual nesting site. However she didn’t look very happy and when I took a closer look I could see why. Someone had placed a couple of boxes right where Hatty likes to lay her eggs. So being helpful, I moved the boxes, which sent Hatty into a tirade of abusive squawking! She was not a happy hen and I was obviously being told off. Even though I had moved the obstruction so that she could now nest in her usual place. I tried to explain to her but she just ran off, squawking into the distance. Fancy being told off by a hen, Hatty certainly rules the roost!

Hatty The Hen

I will pop outside later to see if she got over her mood and has gone back to the silage mountain nesting site to lay her egg.