White Deadnettle

On Saturday my family came over for a visit and as the weather was so glorious we were out in the garden. On a stroll through the orchard, my brother-in-law remarked that he didn’t know nettles had white flowers. This variety of nettle is called the white deadnettle.

White Deadnettle

  • The white deadnettle is a perennial wild flowering plant.
  • It’s latin name is Lamium album.
  • This plant is found all across Europe except the far North, throughout the British Isles and in North and East Asia.
  • The white deadnettle grows in gardens and orchards, along hedgerows and grass verges and on wasteland.
  • This nettle has white flowers, which are present from March-November.
  • It has hairy, green, elongated, heart-shaped and toothed leaves.
  • This plant is slightly aromatic and grows to a height of approximately 50cm.
  • The white deadnettle is part of the mint family and is related to the red deadnettle.

1 thought on “White Deadnettle”

  1. Hi!
    I have been searching around Portland Oregon for White Dead Nettle. I have had absolutely no luck!
    My mother-in-law was prescribed a natural remedy tea including White Dead Nettle
    ( flower, not the leaf) for gynecology issues. She is from Germany and has been having it shipped here.
    I am interested in growing it here, or buying it dried if that is possible. I don’t mind ordering it online or paying an herbarium to ship it to me.
    If you could point me in the right direction, we’d be so appreciative!
    Thank you!

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