A Book About Keeping Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowl Past & Present Michael Roberts

Guinea Fowl Past & Present

  • Written by Michael Roberts.
  • Published By Gold Cockerel Series.
  • Priced £9.00

I would highly recommend this book for anyone starting out with guinea fowl because the information is presented in a clear, concise and easy to read format.

Michael Roberts states in the introduction, “This book covers all aspects of keeping guinea fowl, whether for pleasure or commercially.” It does what it says and covers every aspect of guinea fowl rearing and breeding with interesting chapters on the history and origin of this fascinating species of bird.

The book has chapters on:

  • History of Guinea Fowl.
  • Names of Guinea Fowl.
  • Origins and Types of Guinea fowl.
  • Letter from Zimbabwe.
  • Keeping Crested and Vulturine Guinea Fowl.
  • Keeping Guinea Fowl on a Small Scale.
  • Housing, Breeding and Artificial Insemination.
  • Eggs, Incubation, Hatching, Colour Breeding and Pinioning.
  • Sexing.
  • Commercial Rearing, Intensive and Free range, Capons.
  • Catching, Killing, Plucking, Evisceration, Trussing.
  • Packing and Labelling.
  • Marketing
  • Health, Diseases and Ailments.

I found this book to be inexpensive and invaluable when I started out with my guinea fowl as a quick reference guide. The 41 pages of this book are packed full of useful information which is easy to find when you need specific information in a hurry.

An excellent starter book for anyone thinking of keeping, rearing and breeding guinea fowl commercially or for pleasure.

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