Adopt A Farm Animal Scheme

A comment left on my site the other day got me thinking about starting an Adopt A Farm Animal scheme on the farm.

In an article about my guinea pig called Guiness, I mentioned the fact that, “My nephew has adopted Guiness as a birthday gift and although Guiness still lives on the farm my nephew can tell his friends that he has a guinea pig. When he comes to visit he feeds Guiness and sometimes helps me to clean him out, which I think is great and so does my nephew and Guiness!”

The comment I received from Pat said, “What a good idea to adopt a guinea pig & keep it at someone else’s house. I bet other mum’s would be pleased with an adopted pet.” 

As birthday gifts for friends and family, I have already adopted out;

  • Guiness the Guinea Pig,
  • Hatty The Hen,
  • Camilla The Guinea Fowl,
  • One Ear The Saler Cow,
  • Snowy The Charolais Cow,
  • Francis The Charolais Cow &
  • Milky The Charolais Cow.

Guiness The Guinea PigHatty The HenCamilla The Guinea FowlOne Ear The Saler CowSnowy The Charolais CowFrancis The Charolais CowMilky The Charolais Cow

The children all received a certificate, photograph and a special letter from their animal. Some of the children have even visited their adopted animal and fed them. One of our friend’s little girl said when was her cow coming home to her house! My friend quickly replied that the cow was to stay here on the farm and that in fact she wouldn’t fit in the car to get home!!

All of the children have enjoyed receiving their certificate, photo and letter. They think it’s great that they can tell people that they have adopted a guinea pig, hen, guinea fowl or even a cow!

I would be very interested to hear your thoughts and ideas about the scheme I am considering setting up so please leave a comment.

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  1. think this is a brilliant idea – my niece is mad about Pigs! and I am trying to adopt her a pig for her birthday – but would like a centre in the south so that she could easily visit the pig.. but am having difficulty finding anywhere – where are you based? do you have pigs?
    any suggestions.. thanks june

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