Bank Holiday Weekend Chores

Had a very busy Bank Holiday weekend catching up on lots of chores around the farm.

  • Cleaned out Guiness The Guinea Pig’s hut.
  • Cleaned out the poultry hut.
  • Collected 9 guinea fowl eggs – a record day on Sunday.
  • Made a nest in the poultry hut for the 9 eggs collected to see if the hens will sit.
  • Planted some seed potatoes.
  • Cooked a Sunday roast of delicious local lamb.
  • Planted 20 sweet potato slips.
  • Planted row of lettuce seedlings.
  • Planted more radish, beetroot, lettuce seeds.
  • Potted on beetroot seedlings.
  • Took the automatic egg turner out of the incubator and filled up the water troughs to increase the humidity.
  • Sown spinach and cabbage seeds.
  • Deweeded the row of garlic.
  • Bought a new bird box and bird-seed feeder.
  • Bought more courgette and beetroot seeds.
  • Cattle taken to market.
  • Collected 10 guinea fowl eggs – what an even better egg day on Bank Holiday Monday!

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