Be Nice To Nettles Week

I have just found out that it is Be Nice To Nettles Week from the 16th – 27th May.

I have lots of nettles on and around my farm and I am becoming very familiar with this less than well loved plant. As the guinea fowl like to lay their eggs in large patches of nettles I am all too familar with the stinging nettle. Yesterday my sister and her three year old came to visit and as we strolled through the overgrown part of my vegetable garden, my nephew stung himself on the nettles. Whilst he has now acquainted himself with the stinging nettle, I’m not sure that he will want to take part in the Be Nice To Nettles Week.

Normally my husband and I fight a losing battle against the nettle, as I try to dig them up and he dashes about spraying them only to find that they reappear with renewed vigour the following year. So instead of out and out attack we thought that we would be more subtle in our approach to ridding our land of the nettle. We thought that we would try eating them!

I have read a few times about nettle soup and only the other day my husband and I discussed trying to make nettle soup. My only reservation, apart from the obvious stinging problem, is which types of nettles should we be using as my farm has a number of varieties;

I have yet to find the answer to this but I will endeavour to find out and let you know.

I’m not sure that using nettles in a soup is classed as being nice to nettles but having read Joanna’s recipe, I will give it a go. i’ll let you know our verdict!!

If you, like me are wondering about how we can be nice to nettles, then click on this link to find out more about Be Nice To Nettles Week.

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