Concreting The Floor In The Grain Store

Yesterday it was all hands on deck or should I say floor, to help with the delivery of the concrete we had ordered for the floor in the new grain store.

I was drafted in to help as my father in law had gone to a horse sale to try to sell his race horse. Anyway, the first load of concrete arrived at 8 o’clock and was placed in the large holes at each corner of the building as well as all along the outer edge of the building. The second load arrived at 9 o’clock and was used to fill one outer length of the building which is four bays long. The final load of the day was used to fill the opposite outer length of the building.

In typing the events of yesterday I am making the job sound extremely easy, however it was anything but easy. Concrete sets fairly quickly especially when it is a hot day like it was yesterday, so we had to work very quickly.

The work involved greasing the metal girders that hold the concrete in place (this was my job which was easy), then when the concrete arrived we had to rake the concrete into the holes at each corner where the steel girders hold the building up.

Concreting The Steel Girders

On the outside of the building the concrete needed to be raked evenly into the space ensuring that the bottom of the walls were sufficiently covered, before the concrete was then smoothed over to create an even surface.

Concreting outside

On the inside flooring the men used a large motorised machine called a tamper (I think!) to level the concrete out and then another machine called a floater was placed over the concrete surface to smooth and even out the surface. This is important because the floor needs to be as smooth and as bump free as possible inorder for the grain to be gathered up easily.

The TamperThe FloaterSmoothing The Concrete By HandThe Finished Concrete

Today two loads of concrete have been delivered and placed in the centre of the building. The same process takes place again – with the tamper and the floater being used. I was not needed today as my father in law was back. (No news on the race horse – I don’t think his son’s have asked and he probably daren’t bring up the subject as he was really needed on the farm yesterday.) Today my job was to make bacon and egg butties and homemade lemon curd tarts. Alot easier than raking tonnes of concrete I can tell you!

We have more loads of concrete to look forward to tomorrow – so I’ll keep my ear to the ground (concrete of course!) in order to bring you more floor updates.

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