Duck Sausages

At the local farmer’s market in York, I recently bought some duck sausages. As they are an unusual farm product, I thought I would review them for you.

Duck Sausages With Cranberry And Orange

The sausages were made with cranberries and orange added to them. Uncooked the sausages had a pinky, red colouring and were quite fat.

Uncooked Duck Sausages

I fried the duck sausages in the frying pan with a little water instead of oil to try to be a little healthier with our cooking.

Cooked Duck Sausages

I served the duck sausages with cheesey mashed potato and beans.

Duck Sausages Served With Cheesey Mashed Potato And Beans


  • Strong taste.
  • Gamey flavour.
  • Meat was pink when cooked.
  • Browned well on the outside.
  • Cooked sausages remained chunky.
  • Not fatty sausages.
  • Sausages did not shrink.
  • Could see bits of cranberries in the sausages.
  • Lacked cranberry and orange flavour.

I personally did not like these sausages as the strong taste and gamey flavour was not to my liking. I can now see why duck sausages are not on every butcher’s or supermarket’s shelves.

I must point out that these duck sausages were not from The Blue Pig Company who produce the best classic pork sausages I have ever tasted.