Growing Cress

I am having a go at growing cress because would you believe it, I’ve never grown it before and my husband and I have started to buy quite a bit of it to put on our salads.

I am following the cress growing advice from Top Veg, which as always is clear and easy to follow. Thanks Top Veg!

I have put dampened kitchen roll onto a plate and sprinkled some cress seeds on top. Now I will wait for the cress seeds to germinate and soon I hope to be harvesting lovely homegrown cress. Well that is if I remember to keep the kitchen roll moist!

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1 thought on “Growing Cress”

  1. Hi Sara

    It is so good to be able to grow your own fresh salads – and cress is so easy – as well as giving the salad a zing. Your warm kitchen should be ideal for the cress – as long as you remember to keep it moist. Another good reason to keep it in the kitchen – so you can spray itwith water every time you pass!

    Hope you get a crop!


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