Growing Poplar Trees

Two years ago my husband took some cuttings from a poplar tree and placed them in my vegetable garden to see if they would grow. I wasn’t very happy when I found out where he had planted them as the cuttings were taking up valuable vegetable planting land. However, two years on the cuttings are thriving small trees.

Poplar Trees

One advantage to the poplar tree is that it is a fast growing tree which Dr D.G Hessayon (The Tree And Shrub Expert) says can reach heights of “80ft in less than 20 years.”

We aim to use our poplar cuttings to restock our hedgerows where gaps have appeared and old trees have died naturally. This has both environmental and wildlife benefits. Growing the poplar trees will also help our goal to be more self sufficient because in the future we will be able to use some of our poplar trees for fire wood, knowing that we have a system of replacing the trees that we use for our own heating needs.

Fire Wood