Guinea Fowl Chick Count

The guinea fowl chick count had reached 11 this morning by 6am. When I went down to press my nose against the incubator window for the umpteenth time, I could count 9 live wriggling cheepers in the incubator. I’d already taken the first chick out so that made 10. 3 eggs also had chicks hatching out. One definately looked like it had potential but the other two had been there since I’d left at about 1:30am this morning and were no further on.

I decided to get the 9 live wriggly ones out of the incubator. Which I have to tell you, took some doing as they certainly were live and wriggly! Then I decided to help the potential chick along a little and as we speak it is in the incubator wriggling! I took the other two eggs out to inspect the chicks and although I did try to peel back some more of the shell, it was to no avail. Both these chicks had died in their shell sometime in the early hours between 1:30 and 6am.

It’s at moments like this that you wish you didn’t follow the written advice. I wished I’d taken the other chicks out at 1:30am this morning and then I could have helped those chicks along too, but all the books tell you to not open the incubator and to leave the eggs alone until they have hatched naturally.

Seeing the two dead chicks still in their shells, fills me with regret and remorse, so for a few sad moments I ponder the cruelty of nature before I turn my hand to mothering my new guinea fowl keets.

With this in mind I’d better stop writing now and check back on the chicks. No time to spare just yet to post my photographs and video footage. You’ll just have to stay tuned a little bit longer for that – so watch this space!