Guinea Fowl Keet Dies

It’s sad news – one of the 11 guinea fowl keets died this morning. The little chick actually died in my hand as I tried to revive it with some fresh water and glucose.

At 5am I darted out of bed to check on my new brood of guinea fowl keets. Through half closed eyes I managed to count the 11 sleepy chicks. All was well in the brooder. I went back to bed to get another hours shut I before I ventured back to check on the chicks. When I went down again at 6.30ish, 10 of the chicks were running around, darting in and out of the straw but one was looking very sleepy. I carefully put my hand into the brooder to wake it and this usually sends the chicks into a frenzy of darting about and scrabbling altogether into a corner. However the sleepy chick didn’t move.

I decided to give the poorly keet some water with glucose in as this has in the past revived sickly looking chicks. The keet managed to take a few sips of the water. So my fingers were crossed that it would perk the little fella up. Laid in my hand, I could see the chick fighting every breath, then it’s little wings did a little flutter and it stopped breathing.

It brought a tear to my eye, although I do have to say that when the chicks are fighting for every breath like that and you can hear them gasping there is a sense of relief to know that they are no longer in such obvious pain. So here’s to you little chick – peace be with you now.