Guinea Fowl Keets Pasting Up

My guinea fowl keets hatched out on Thursday and by Sunday a couple of the keets had droppings attached to their vent area which if not dealt with can quickly form into a large clump. This has happened before and we ( my husband and I) have to pick the keets up and squirt water at the clump and then gently scrap it off. This is not nice for the keet or the scraper – me!

Although I have learnt alot about guinea fowl over the last few years, I do not profess to be an expert. I didn’t know why guinea fowl keets got droppings attached to their vent area so I decided to visit the guinea fowl forum and ask the question.

LisaND said, ” This is called pasting up and is common during the first few days of life. You are right to keep the area clean as it can literally “paste up” the vent and block it so they can not go to the bathroom anymore and they will die. BUT as they grow it will clear up on its own. I have a chicken whom had the same problem, and I was constantly wiping her bottom… she is the most calm, gentle one, and will come to me and sit on my finger and is just so affectionate, and I know it is because she was handled so often with her pasty butt as a chick! Anyway, it will subside,just stay on top of keeping the bottoms clean at all times.”

JeanM’s response was, “Sara, when I kept my keets in a brooder box they never got the pasties. When I just sectioned a place and gave them more room they seemed to get pasties.

I concluded (right or wrong) they were warmer and snugger in the small warm area box and that kept them from the pasties. The bigger area and directly on the floor area had more drafts…?

It does go away as they get a few weeks old. Good luck!”

Frit advised, “It is usually stress that causes pasties – stress to birds that get chilled from either shipping or by being in a cold or drafty brooder. Watch the bottoms closely and keep the vent clean with a warm, damp cloth. Should the bottom become plugged up, the keets can die from being unable to pass their droppings.”

I would like to thank Lisa, Jean and Frit for taking the time to give me their advice.

Pasting Up On A Guinea Fowl Keet
Pasting Up On A Guinea Fowl Keet

Two of the keets bottoms were quite pasted up so on Sunday night my husband held the keets one at a time, whilst I squirted their bottoms and removed the droppings (I get all the good jobs!!).

From past experience we have learnt that if we do not remove all of the droppings then the pasting up will return. This morning I had another go at wiping the keets bottoms and managed to do a good job all on my own. Lets hope, for my sake as well as the keets that the pasting up does not return!

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