Homegrown Mushrooms From A Kit

As I said back in April when I set up my mushroom growing kit, I love cooking food with mushrooms added to the dish and although I live in awe of people who go out into the countryside and find themselves edible mushrooms, I worry about identifying them incorrectly.

I usually buy my mushrooms from the shops but this year with my mushroom growing kit set up, I am moving one step closer to nature and can pick my own mushrooms. Albeit from a box and not the ground outside! 

Mushroom Growing Kit

I am pleased to say that after weeks of waiting and lifting the lid on the mushroom kit in anticipation of seeing homegrown fungi, they have finally grown.

For a time I did worry, especially as my father in law said that he had bought a kit once and didn’t get a single mushroom. With that pessimism ringing in my ears, I did begin to doubt whether the mushrooms would ever grow when week one, two and three passed me by with no sign of the fungi.

This is what I saw when I lifted the lid on Tuesday.

Homegrown Mushrooms From A KitHomegrown Mushrooms From A KitHomegrown Mushrooms From A Kit

I will let you know what they taste like when we harvest them.