Jobs For The Weekend – Completed Saturday

My family arrived about 2pm on Saturday and as the weather forecast was so bad for the bank holiday weekend we decided to get straight to work. On Saturday we managed to complete a few of the jobs – note the jobs crossed off the list.

  1. Deweed border infront of kitchen.
  2. Plant sunflower seedlings opposite kitchen.
  3. Plant marigolds in between the sunflowers.
  4. Dig over new vegetable area and remove large stones.
  5. Deweed onion area.
  6. Plant more onions.
  7. Deweed garlic.
  8. Plant out two varieties of lettuce.
  9. Plant out radish plants.
  10. Pot on radish seedlings.
  11. Plant out beetroot plants.
  12. Pot on beetroot seedlings.
  13. Thin out carrots.
  14. Plant out purple sprouting broccoli plants.
  15. Plant out cauliflower plants.
  16. Pot on courgette seedlings.
  17. Plant out spinach seedlings.
  18. Plant out butternut squash plants.
  19. Pull up last year’s purple sprouting broccoli.
  20. Plant sweet pea plants.
  21. Relocate self seeded tomatoes.
  22. Relocate self seeded lemon balm.
  23. Plant out night shade.
  24. Plant out delphiniums.
  25. Pot on delphiniums.
  26. Plant out pansies.
  27. Cut down over-grown weeds in second veg garden.
  28. Move old chicken huts from the orchard.
  29. Relocate and clean larger brooder.
  30. Set up the large brooder in preparation for the 2 week old guinea fowl keets.
  31. Clean the small brooder ready for second guinea fowl hatch.
  32. Sow more lettuce, beetroot and radish.
  33. Clean out poultry hut.
  34. Find and gather eggs.
  35. Deweed 2 flower beds.

9 jobs completed of the 35, only another 26 to go!!