National BBQ Week In The UK

National BBQ Week in the UK will be held from Monday 28th May until Sunday 3rd June 2007. This year will be the 11th annual BBQ week and the longevity of this event shows just how popular the BBQ has become in the UK. The national bbq website states that “last year over 110 million bbq occasions took place in the UK, making us Europe’s biggest barbecue nation.”

Over the years the National BBQ Week has helped the nation move away from providing just bangers and burgers burnt to a cinder on the bbq to being more creative with our bbq food and following food safety and cooking advice very carefully.

This year the National BBQ Week will continue to celebrate better barbecuing and promote creative bbq cooking. Other bbq events will follow the week as the bbq season continues. These events will include;

  • A nationwide search for Britain’s Best BBQ’er.
  • A Battle of the Barbi’s competition.
  • Family Q – a search for the best bbq party throwers.
  • The BBQ Bus Roadshow tour of Britain.
  • Have a Better Barbi Day.

Before any bbq event, don’t forget to visit your local butcher for your bbq meat or check out The Blue Pig Company’s pork products as the BLP’s sausages are especially fabulous and great for the bbq.

For more information about the National BBQ Week visit the national bbq website.

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