Novelty Socks With Farm Animal Motifs

How many pairs of novelty socks do you have? Since moving to the farm a few years ago, the number of novelty socks I own has increased. Every Christmas and Birthday my mum and dad make sure that amongst my pile of presents are the novelty socks. Now my novelty socks are no ordinary novelty sock, they have a theme – they always have a farm animal motif on them.

So why am I telling you this? Well I was up very early one morning two weeks ago because the guinea fowl keets were hatching out and whilst suffering with very little sleep as any new parent can sympathise with, I reached into the sock drawer and pulled out a pair of novelty socks with yes you guessed it……an animal motif. Both socks did indeed have a farm animal motif on them but they did not have the same animal motif. It was at this point that I began to wonder just how many novelty socks I have with a farm animal on them. Hence a post is born. It’s amazing what you ponder over in the early hours of the morning!

Anyway, how many pairs of novelty socks do I have with a farm animal theme? The answer is……..9.

Here is the washing line of my novelty socks with a farm animal theme!

Cow SockCow Faces SockCow & Pig SockCow On Pink SockCats On SockCats On Pink SockCats On Grey SockCat SockPaw Print Sock

So how many novelty socks do you have – let me know how many and what motif’s your novelty socks have on them?!

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