Poultry Art!

Saturday mornings at the moment are spent at art class. I am learning lots of new art skills which I hope I can transfer to drawings and paintings of my hen (Hatty) and guinea fowl.

I was first inspired to draw poultry when I saw Picasso’s pastel picture of the cockerel which he drew in 1938 and ever since I saw this artwork I have been itching to draw poultry.

This afternoon I gave it a go for the first time. Here are my efforts. I drew the pictures in pencil using photographs to get the detail as the real live hen and guinea fowl wouldn’t have stood still long enough!

Charlie The Guinea Fowl

Drawing Of Charlie The Guinea Fowl Charlie The Guinea Fowl Photograph

Hatty The Hen

Drawing Of Hatty The Hen Hatty The Hen Photograph

I hope you do not find my pictures too poultry!

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