Preparing To Make Rot Pots

As a teacher your mind always seems to be on duty even when you are not at work. When out shopping you might see a book that would be good to read to the class, when on holiday you might find a postcard or a picture that would be good to share with the class or when you are gardening you might think of a good use for the grass cuttings that are spread across the lawn. The latter was me yesterday.

After my husband had cut the lawn (he’d got tired of waiting for me to cut it!), I was out in the garden checking that the blue tit eggs were still being looked after by their parents, when I noticed the grass cuttings all over the lawn. In a flash I knew what I could use them for. It came as a great relief to me because I recently organised for the year 6 children to make rot pots but it wasn’t until Tuesday night that I found out what the children would need.

I was emailed a list which stated that the items needed to make rot pots include;

  • A 2 litre plastic drinks bottle.
  • Grass.
  • Soil.
  • Fruit & vegetable scraps.
  • Labels.

As any teacher will know, it is best to be prepared well in advance. I only work Mondays and Tuesdays so finding out on Tuesday night was leaving it late for good preparation. I phoned the school to make sure that the children knew that they would need to try to bring in the items listed above. As I had somehow managed to become responsible for organising the event I didn’t want the teachers involved to have to worry about collecting the items themselves. Wednesday afternoon was therefore spent raking the lawn and collecting the grass cuttings my husband had kindly left on the lawn.

One skill of a teacher is the ability to turn any object into a teaching material and this is a case in point!

The rot pot making is tomorrow so I have delivered the grass cuttings (bags full of the stuff!) to the school and I will now just hope that there is enough and that the children enjoy the activity and the teachers do not find it stressful. I will provide an update on the rot pot event and how to actually make the rot pots when I have this information.

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