Reasons For Eggs Hatching Early

Eggs in an incubator can hatch early sometimes (resulting in chicks possibly hatching with bloody navels, being too small or dry). Possible reasons for this may include;

  • Small eggs.
  • Improper egg storage.
  • Temperature too high in the incubator.
  • Humidity too low in the incubator.

Here are some handy tips to help prevent eggs hatching early;

  • Choose incubation eggs carefully.
  • Avoid incubating eggs that are too small.
  • If keeping eggs prior to incubation then store in the correct conditions (pay particular attention to temperature and humidity conditions).
  • Do not store eggs for more than 7 days before incubation.
  • If storing eggs before incubation, then turn the eggs regularly.
  • Regularly check the temperature in the incubator.
  • Try to maintain the correct temperature in the incubator at all times.
  • Check the temperature in the incubator room is not too high.
  • Regularly check the humidity in the incubator.
  • Try to maintain the correct humidity levels in the incubator at all time.
  • Note that the required temperature and humidity levels are not the same throughout the whole of the incubation period.
  • A wet bulb thermometer maybe a good purchase to help accurately measure the humidity and temperature levels in the incubator.
  • Check that the incubator is working correctly and has a constant temperature throughout the whole of the incubator.