Results Of First Guinea Fowl Egg Incubation

I incubated 27 eggs in total which had been stored for up to 7 days. The incubation results are as follows:

  • 10 keets hatched out unaided.
  •   1 keet hatched with assistance.
  •   2 eggs pipped but keets didn’t hatch out.
  •   1 egg had an embryo which had died in the early stages.
  • 14 eggs infertile.

Eleven keets were taken from the incubator but only ten are still alive. It is impossible to tell if the keet which died was the one that was assisted with it’s hatching.

A high percentage of the eggs incubated were infertile (48%). I think one possible reason for this maybe that I have a young flock and some of the hens had only just started to lay and it wasn’t until after I had incubated this set of eggs that I observed a young male fertilising one of the young female guinea fowl.

Results of Fertility And Hatchability

  • 48% of the eggs were infertile.
  • 52% of the eggs were fertile.
  • 79% hatchability.
  • 41% of total eggs hatched out.