Roe Deer Sighting

 Roe DeerRoe Deer

When I opened my curtains this morning wishing I didn’t have to leave the idyll I call home, I was met with another reason not to go to work – a roe deer in the wheat and barley fields. Until this year I had never seen the deer that frequent our land (possibly because I’m rarely found sitting in a tractor!).

As I drew back the curtains I could see the beautiful slender body of the deer leaping through the wheat with it’s white rump flashing from behind. If I hadn’t been so mesmerised by this wonderful sight, I would have dashed off to grab the camera. But sorry folks, I was too entralled by the deer bounding through the sea of wheat and barley stopping only fleetingly to glance my way before moving gracefully out of view.

What a fabulous way to start the day – the wonder of nature just makes me glad to be alive.

With no photograph from this mornings sighting, I can only offer you another view of the deer I saw earlier on in the year.

Roe DeerRoe DeerRoe Deer