Scarecrow Festivals

Does anybody know why some villages have a scarecrow festival? Do they have any historical meaning or can any village have a scarecrow festival? The reason I ask is that I would love to organise an annual scarecrow festival for our village to help raise money for our church and the local community that we live in.

I have been toying with this idea since I went to a scarecrow festival last year with my dear friend Betty. I had a great time looking at all the scarecrows created under the nursery rhymes and children’s characters theme. We met Little Miss Muffet and Postman Pat on our journey round the village.

My enthusiasm for a village scarecrow festival was renewed this morning when I read an article about scarecrow festivals on the Field Day website. I would love to see our village hosting a celebrity scarecrow festival.

I have just joined the village produce show committee and would like to suggest that the villagers have an annual scarecrow festival that conicides with the produce show. This way if the villagers do not have produce or can not attend the produce show, they could still have a scarecrow in their garden. I think this idea would then attract more people to the village and the produce show and help raise funds for our church and the local community.

The first produce show meeting was held the other night but being new to the committee, I was too shy to put my idea forward. However, having been re-inspired by the Field Day article, I may put my suggestion to my fellow committee member and kind neighbour, Rob and see what he thinks of the idea.

Let me know your thoughts on the matter and any information about the history of scarecrow festivals would be of great interest to me, so please leave a comment.

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