School Gardening Club Up And Running

Started my school gardening club this week with 40 children. In half an hour the 32 8 year olds, 8 11 year olds, my kind teaching friend and I managed to plant lots of carrots and sunflower seeds. We worked in the lovely courtyard busily filling bag pots and trays with compost and sowing the carrot and sunflower seeds. 

Anyone watching would have seen a vision of chaos as we tried to make 56 litres of compost fill 8 trays and more than 25 bag pots. Instructions like, “Fill the pots and trays over half full” or “Remember to sprinkle the carrot seeds leaving a gap of about 2cms” or “Don’t forget to cover the seeds with a little compost” could be heard echoing around the courtyard but in all the chaos of eager children, limited compost and over zealous seed sprinkling the instructions fell on deaf ears. Close inspection afterwards saw some pots only quarter filled and some with uncovered seeds.

Some of you reading this may be asking why have so many children in the club. Well the answer is that the school has entered not one, but two grow the longest carrot competitions and a grow the tallest sunflower competition and the competition deadlines are fast approaching. So time was of the essence and as they say, “Many hands make light work.”

Anyway all the seeds are now sown and the children all seemed to enjoy themselves. Only time will tell if we have any successful seed germination, although if any rival school were to see our carrot pots they would think that they had nothing to fear with the little amount of soil the children have sown the seeds in. One of the carrot competitions says that we can give the carrots some miracle grow. They are going to need a miracle to end up as the longest carrots!

I will give you an update next week when we have our second meeting and attempt to plant some garlic.