The Farming Year – May

Jobs on a cattle and arable farm in May can include;
  • Feeding poultry twice daily.
  • Letting poultry out to free range in a morning.
  • Locking up the poultry huts on a night.
  • Cleaning out the poultry huts.
  • Check cattle in field twice daily.
  • Give cattle in the field mineral supplement.
  • Feed store cattle twice daily.
  • Milling and mixing animal feed.
  • Bedding up store cattle.
  • Calving cows.
  • Disbudding (dehorning) calves.
  • Selling cattle.
  • Take cows to the “Ings” for Summer grazing at the end of the month.
  • Service the irrigation equipment.
  • Lay concrete floor in the new grain shed.
  • Cut grass to make silage.
  • Turn grass for silage.
  • Bale the silage.
  • Wrap bales.
  • Put nitrogen fertiliser on grass field to make the grass grow again.
  • Apply blight spray to potato crops at the end of the month depending on the weather.

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