Yeo Valley Free Tree Offer

For anyone who doesn’t know, Yeo Valley Organic is a brand of natural bio live yogurt. When I don’t have time to make my own yogurt I normally buy Yeo Valley yogurt. It is live yogurt so I can make my own from it if I do have time, it has a good taste – not too sweet and not too sour! and it states on the carton that it only contains milk’s naturally occuring sugar, so it must be healthier for you.

I was pleased to read on the carton that Yeo Valley is currently supporting Woodland Trust with it’s free tree offer to “help plant a better future!” The offer is giving Yeo valley yogurt eaters and milk drinkers the chance to collect their tree tokens and then have the chance to claim up to 2 trees for free. One tree requires 5 tokens and two trees require 8 tokens. There is even a choice of tree. Lucky token collectors can choose from the following trees;

  • Hazel,
  • Silver Birch,
  • Rowan,
  • Hawthorn,
  • Wild Cherry.

The trees will be delivered either within 28 days or in September which is an ideal time for planting trees.

I certainly want to take advantage of this great offer and already have two tokens. I will be rushing out to buy more yogurt soon – my yogurt making efforts can be put on hold for a few weeks whilst I collect the tree tokens for this worthy offer.

If you are worried about what to do with all those plastic yogurt cartons, then put them to good use and utilise them in the garden for planting vegetable seedings. Great advice given to me by Top Veg.