A Cat Stuck Up A Tree in The Flood

 Snowball The Cat

I’ve often noticed that my cats do not like to get their paws wet and will take the long route across the farmyard to avoid the puddles of water that accumulate on the yard.

This is why I was abit shocked to find that when I waded through the knee high water to check on my guinea fowl and Hatty the hen on Tuesday night I could hear loud meaowing.  I was a little concerned as the cries seemed to be coming from the orchard which I knew was flooded. As I headed back to the house, I was greeted by four cats all standing at the waters edge.

Where was Snowball? I thought. The answer came from the old apple tree. To my surprise, Snowball was sitting in the apple tree licking his paws which were drenched. I’m not sure how Snowball managed to get himself into this predicament as the tree was surrounded by deep water on all side.

I spent 3 hours trying differnt ways to coax the cat out of the tree. I waded up to the tree and was met by Snowball who accepted a stroke on the back and head, before darting back up the tree before I had chance to grab hold of him.

A box with scraps of chicken was sure to entice a cat from the tree but this tactic failed too. It’s a little difficult holding a box, a piece of chicken and then trying to grab a cat that doesn’t like to be held.

As a last resort I went to fetch some ladders and placed them against the tree. Initially I thought about climbing up them but then decided that this wasn’t safe so I leant one ladder against the tree and then the others were placed horizontally on the floor so that if Snowball wanted he could climb down.

I left Snowball sat near the top of the tree snoozing, like a fluffed up “snowball!” as I couldn’t coax him down onto the ladder.

How Snowball got up the tree in the first place will remain a mystery and so will his escape because when I got up the following day there was no sign of Snowball in the tree or in the water below.

It was a great relief when I called the cats to find that Snowball was amongst the gang of hungry ginger and white felines. Lets hope he’s learnt his lesson.