A Thank You Gift

Today I received a lovely thank you gift and card from The Cottage Smallholder.

An Intriguing Parcel

Here is the thank you card and three jars of jam and chutney that I received.

A thankyou card and jars of jam & chutney.

A jar of grape jam that I am looking forward to eating on my toast for breakfast.

Grape Jam from The Cottage Smallholder

A jar of plum chutney which will go well with chicken, pheasant or guinea fowl (just don’t tell my flock or Hatty!)

Plum Chutney from The Cottage Smallholder

A jar of chestnut jam that is intriguing me as I have never tasted chestnut jam before.

Chestnut Jam from The Cottage Smallholder

These gift were a very nice surprise and were sent as a thank you for the guinea fowl eggs I sent for The Cottage Smallholder’s broody hen Mrs Boss to sit on.

When I have tasted all these delicious homemade treats by The Cottage Smallholder I will let you know.

Thanks again Fiona @ The Cottage Smallholder – this was a very kind delivery that is much appreciated.

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