Cinnabar Moth Identified

I have spotted the cinnabar moth twice in the last few weeks. My first sighting of this beautiful moth was in my garden. I was attracted to the bright red wings that flashed by, although at the time I did not know whether it was a moth or a butterfly. Unfortunately on this occasion I did not have my camera and therefore missed my photo opportunity.

On Friday my neice and nephew visited the farm and as we were strolling through the paddock after a hunt for guinea fowl eggs, my neice spotted a small red butterfly. The three of us peered at the insect and I realised it was the same one I had seen before. This one fluttered along the field, stopping on occasions so that we could get a better look. On closer inspection we realised that this insect didn’t have just red wings, they were in fact mainly black with a hint of bright red, that glistened and caught our eyes as it flew about in the sunshine.

I told my neice and nephew that I didn’t know what the insect was called or if in fact it was a butterfly or a moth but I said I would try to find out. After a difficult trawl of the search engines I managed to find a good photograph of the insect and I identified it as the cinnabar moth. So this post is dedicated to my neice and nephew for spurring me on to identify yet another amazing creature. I am yet to get a photograph – but watch this space as I venture back to the paddock to capture the cinnabar moth on camera.