Drinkers For Guinea Fowl Keets

Guinea fowl keets need a constant supply of water.

The keets like warm water.

Marbles Placed In The Guinea Fowl Keet's Drinker

Placing a few marbles in the drinker will help to prevent the keets from drowning in the water.

Marbles Placed In The Guinea Fowl Keet's Drinker

Ensure that the keets get clean water regularly so that they do not drink water contaminated with faeces, food or litter.

Regularly check the water so that the water supply does not dry up.


2 thoughts on “Drinkers For Guinea Fowl Keets”

  1. Hi Will,

    Sorry to hear that the guinea fowl are not eating and drinking. Is the water warm as
    guinea fowl like to have warm water. Is the feed chick crumbs. You may need to crush the
    crumbs up to make it easier for them to digest. You could also try giving them shredded
    lettuce, yoghurt and hard boiled egg yolk.

    I would lift the guinea fowl keets and place their beaks in the water so that they get a
    taste for it and then put their beaks in the food as well so that they know where it is.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for your keets. Let me know how you get on.

    Kind regards

    Sara @ farmingfriends

  2. Hi

    Yesterday i purchased 2 guinea keets and am keeping them under a lamp in a brooder.However they are just sitting in the corner not eating or drinking…

    Any ideas on how to get them to feed?


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