Famine In The West – Buy The EBook Now

I recently read and reviewed the ebook entitled Famine In The West by John Gossop.

This intelligent, easy to read, yet thought provoking book grabbed my attention and made me sit up and think about global environmental issues relating to politics, farming and the way I live my life.

I am pleased so say that this excellent book has been reviewed in today’s issue of the Farmer’s Weekly magazine. The reviewer, David Richardson states that Famine In The West, “is thoroughly researched with obvious rigour. And although its academic content is excellent, it is written in language that can be readily understood by farmers and non-farmers alike.”

David, like me, strongly recommends this book, so if you are yet to purchase this incisive ebook, then visit www.peakfood.co.uk now and buy Famine in The West today.

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