Farm Flood Update

Here are more photos of the flood that covered our farm and land yesterday. 

The Flooded Veg GardenStraw Floating On The WaterHay Bales In WaterThe Only Veggies I Can See In The FloodThe Farmyard FloodedA Flooded BarnThe Flooded LaneThe Flood Is Approaching The HouseThe Flood In The Neighbour's FieldThe Flooded GardenPoultry Hut In The FloodThe Poultry Seeking Dry Land!

These photographs were taken about mid morning.

The water began to surround the house and foldyard inching closer and closer. By early afternoon a couple of inches of water was lapping at our back doorstep and the water was approaching our house from the lane. The village was flooded and the water was running down the lane towards our house, so although we had managed to stem the flow of the water from the beck behind our back field the water was now approaching from another direction.

Our farmhouse has been built in a dip and if the water from the lane joined the water from the garden our house and foldyard would be flooded. We built a flood bank up the lane to try to divert the water from the lane to another field but the farmer who owned the field was not happy that his sugar beet field was beginning to fill up. He wanted the floodbank taking away so that we could all share the flood! With the floodbank removed the threat of flooding in the house grew ever closer and as the skies threatened more rain we became anxious that the house and livestock would flood.

Then water began to appear from the drains in the farmyard which threatened the cattle in the foldyard. We prepared to move the cattle but where to was a problem as the other farm was already underwater.

By 7pm the water level in the farmyard near the foldyard had marginally receded and the flow of water from the village was beginning to slow down. The threat to the house and livestock had passed thankfully.

The full extent of the damage is yet to be assessed.