Farm Flooded

At 2 am this morning we were woken by a phone call from our neighbour to say that the beck had burst it’s bank and the village was flooded. The water was making it’s way up the lane, like a river in the neighbouring field and flowing quickly from our back field into the yard, veg patch and garden.

After a number of phonecalls to the other farm to see if that was flooded we decided to start sand bagging a corner of the back field. With no sand and only mud and plastic feedbags, 4 of us started to shovel soil into the bags and pile them high. Did we do any good? Only time will tell. My father in law said that the water was now only a trickle instead of the gushing torrent that it had been when we first encountered the problem. 

By 5am we had run out of bags and energy from all the digging and headed back to the house to find that the water level was creeping up and creeping closer to the house. I practically swam to the poultry hut to check on the guinea fowl and Hatty. The veg patch is now a swimming pool and the garden is little by little disappearing from view.

Here are photos from about 5.30am this morning.

Lane FloodedVeg Patch FloodedBack Field FloodedSilage Bales FloodedPaddock FloodedBack Field FloodedBarn FloodedBackyard FloodedFront Garden FloodedFront Garden FloodedNeighbouring Field FloodedFarmyard FloodedCalves Resting In Patch Of Dry FieldBackyard FloodedFarmyard Flooded

We are hoping that the flood doesn’t worsen, thank heavens it’s not raining still. What makes matters worse for us is that we have two farms flooded and not just one.

I will give you updates as events change.