Fox And Cubs Spotted

A fox and her cubs have been spotted near our farm by our neighbour. I was told about this after my guinea fowl went missing the other day. I thought it was probably a fox or a stray dog that had taken my guinea fowl.

My neighbour says that he has seen the fox returning to the field regularly this week with hens from the village. Obviously I am not the only one in my village who has fallen victim to the fox and it’s food chain.

I am anxcious for the welfare of my remaining guinea fowl although they appear to be unscathed by the incident. When I approach their hut this morning they started to pace up and down in a bid to free range when the door was opened! I did give them a talking to this morning, warning of the danger of the fox and told them that they must fly to the safety of the trees – which I have to say they normally do. Let’s hope that no more guinea fowl fall prey to the wily fox.

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