Gardening Jobs Completed

What a lovely weekend we have just had and because my internet server was playing up I have had a fruitful time out in the garden. It’s typical that the very next weekend after all the family came over (to help with the gardening), the weather brightens up to be glorious gardening weather. So this weekend I have completed a lot of jobs on my gardening to do list with no help at all;

  • Marigolds all planted in between the sunflower plants opposite the kitchen.
  • Row of sunflowers planted.
  • Small rose garden deweeded.
  • Strawberry plant put in.
  • Night scent stock planted near the vegetable garden path.
  • A row of courgette seedlings planted.
  • More butternut squash planted.
  • A blackberry bush planted.
  • Little gem lettuce planted.
  • Planted another row of purple sprouting broccoli.
  • Cauliflower seedlings planted.
  • Cleaned up vegetable garden path and removed moss and unwanted weeds.
  • Bought a ride on lawnmower.

This along with the daily routine of feeding 5 cats, 18 guinea fowl, 10 guinea fowl keets, 1 guinea pig and Hatty the Hen twice a day made for another busy weekend.