Goslings and Geese

On Sunday night we visited our Farming Friends neighbours that live at the other end of the village to see their day old goslings.

Now my husband arranged this visit and he did confess his worry to me as we headed across the village. The worry that we might end up with a few goslings returning with us. I have to confess that I too thought that we might end up bringing some of the goslings home with us but that was only until……….;

  • I witnessed the hissing gander protecting his goose and goslings,
  • I entered the geese enclosure,
  • I came face to face with a gaggle of hefty waddling geese.

Yikes, the goslings might be cute as these photos show…..



the adult geese were terrifying.


If the gaggle had made any more movements forward or looked like they might start to run towards us then I would have happily jumped over the fence regardless of the barbed wire!

As you can imagine my husband was more than happy with my reaction and heartily laughed when I expressed my thoughts on getting geese now that I had experience of them at close quarters.

Oh well let’s hope I don’t have the same reaction to pigs because hopefully very soon I will become the proud owner of some pigs

Useful books for a new goose owner are Starting With Geese by Katie Thear and Ducks & Geese At Home by Michael Roberts.

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