Grow Your Own Potatoes Competition – Harvest Time

Yesterday the Year 3 children at the school that I work in harvested their potatoes which we have been growing in the Grow Your Own Potatoes Competition.

3HS Potato Plant3P Potato Plant3H Potato Plant

Each class came out to the courtyard where our plants have been growing and discussed the plant and how potatoes grow, before the children took it in turns to help harvest the potatoes.The 90 Year 3’s at our school all know that potatoes are a root vegetable that grow in the soil and not anywhere else! (The British Potato Council set up the competition so that children would know how potatoes grow because the BPC found that 60% of children think that potatoes grow on trees.)

Harvesting The Potatoes

It took what seemed for the teachers a long time before we found the first potato, but when we did there was great excitement. The children (and teachers!) let out great gasps as the potato harvest grew.

When the last potato was dug up, each class weighed their bucket of potatoes.

I am pleased to say that the competition between the classes could not have been closer.

3HS harvested 1.5kgs of Rocket potatoes.

3HS Potato Harvest

3P harvested 1.6kgs of Rocket potatoes.

3P Potato Harvest

3H harvested 1.6kgs of Rocket potatoes.

3H Potato Harvest

The classes have been given their potatoes and they are going to come up with different ways to cook the potatos. 3P are already thinking that they might have potato wedges – yum, yum. I hope they invite me along!

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