Guinea Fowl Missing

This evening one of my guinea fowl was missing. At 6.30pm this evening thirteen guinea fowl were crossing the garden and as it was raining I decided to lock them in their hut for the night. This was an hour earlier than I normally lock them up at this time of year but I know that the guineas don’t care for rain and they were heading towards the hut. (Well trained!)

At first I thought the missing guinea fowl must be with Charlie, Camilla, Diana and Harriet who I could hear but could not see. After a futile search of the neighbours field I headed indoors to dry off knowing that the adult guineas would soon reappear. 

When I saw them on the lawn I crossed my fingers hoping that there would be five guineas and not four, but alas only four came into sight.

After locking up the remaining four, I headed for the field of wheat where I know the guinea fowl are currently nesting. As I started my trek up the hedgerow to the nesting site thinking that the missing guinea fowl might be sitting on her nest, I came across alot of feathers.

Instantly I knew that the guinea was no longer missing but in fact had been killed. Now my thoughts turned to who had killed my guinea fowl. Could it be;

  • the stray cat that I keep finding around the farm yard?
  • the neighbour’s dogs that are always escaping from their back garden and have in the past killed some of my guineas?
  • a fox that we sometimes see prowling across the back field and up the lane?

At the moment I can’t think of anything else that would have killed the guinea fowl and taken or eaten the body.

My poor guinea fowl – I hope that it didn’t suffer. This event has saddened me and unsettled the guinea fowl. 

Although I will never know what really happened, I pray that it doesn’t ever happen again.