Interblog Guinea Fowl Project Update

Mrs Boss, the broody hen from The Cottage Smallholder website is still doing fine. She has now been sitting on the 6 guinea fowl eggs that I sent in the post for just over 2 weeks.

It is very exciting to think that a hen (Mrs Boss) in another part of the country is sitting on eggs that my guinea fowl have laid here in Yorkshire. Fiona at The Cottage Smallholder is giving Mrs Boss and the eggs the best possible care and attention needed for a successful hatch, so I do hope that some of the eggs are fertile.

Farming Friends and The Cottage Smallholder wait with excitement, trepidation and baited breaths to see what happens in the next 2 weeks. Watch this space for more interblog guinea fowl project updates. Visit The Cottage Smallholder website to find out exactly how Mrs Boss and the eggs are getting on right now.