Little Owl Spotted In The Lane

This afternoon I saw a little owl flying and then perching on a tree branch in the lane as I drove past in the teleporter carrying a bale of freshly baled grass.

My motto needs to be never leave the house without the camera as you never know what you might see to photograph! Unfortunately when asked to help lead bales this afternoon, I was in that much of a panic about having to drive the tractor that I forgot the camera and the fact that sat in my elevated position in one of the farm vehicles I was bound to see some interesting farm wildlife.

Although I can’t show you a photograph of the little owl, I can tell you a funny story about our farmingfriend Chewy and a little owl.

Chewy & A Little Owl

One evening our friend Chewy came to visit and my husband decided to take him out to do some rabbiting. Chewy was thrilled and was keen and eager to start on this new experience.

Travelling down the lane in the landrover both lads were busy chatting when suddenly Chewy spotted an owl.

“What sort of owl is that?” he enquired.

“Oh it’s a little owl,” replied my husband.

Chewy then remarked, “Yes I can see it’s a little owl but what type of owl is it?”

“A little owl!” came the response.

“Yes but what sort of little owl?” Chewy asked, getting a little exasperated by this point. My husband replied yet again, “A…Little…Owl – that is the type of owl!”


Chewy, like many of us (me included, if I’m honest!), probably hadn’t realised thatthe little owl was a type of owl.

This story made us chuckle when my husband and Chewy retold it later so I thought I would share it with you.

Thanks Chewy for making my “little” post about the owl sighting much more interesting.

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